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Quality Staff

Planning Advocates was incorporated in December of 1985 by current Director Emeritus Dr. Dwayne Gardner, an experienced educational and educational facilities planner. He was assisted by a team of internationally recognized professional educational planners.

Ron Smith, current owner and president of Planning Advocates, purchased the firm in 2009 after holding various positions within Planning Advocates.  All current members of Planning Advocates are educators who are knowledgeable about the relationship of curriculum and instruction to the learning environment.  Solutions to client needs are driven by the curriculum, the instructional methodologies and the involvement of the entire community.

Among these outstanding planners of the physical environment for learning are the following PAI professionals:
Ron Smith, MA. Ed, REFP; President and Chairperson of the Board
Rosalyn Smith, BA; Secretary and Treasurer
Don Dyck, Ph. D; Senior Planner
Carol Lathrop, MA. Ed; Educational Planner
Phil Binkley, MA, Ed; Educational Planner

All team members are committed to continuously upgrading their knowledge and planning skills through extensive staff development activities in local and national settings.

Phone: 740.815.6122

Phone : 740.815.6122
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